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Posted by Maks S on 15-07-2020 00:46

I'm a bit stumped with this Ptychopteridae found last week in S Poland. From what I know, there aren't any Ptychoptera in Poland (are there any at all?) that have an orange basal antenna segment. Sadly I couldn't collect the specimen because it was found in a national park.

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Posted by libor on 15-07-2020 18:16

Hi Mark, write me, please, on my e-mail lib.dvorak[at], if you wish to share more info togeter with me.
Libor Dvorak (Czech Rep.)

Posted by Maks S on 15-07-2020 18:53

Email sent

Posted by libor on 17-07-2020 17:31

For other members: unusually yellowish (freshly emergent?) male of Ptychoptera albimana.

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