Contributions in Science
Posted by bbrown on 04 January 2011 20:35:53
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (LACM) is re-invigorating its scientific publication, Contributions in Science, and invites new submissions. Beginning in 1957, a total of 519 contributions have been published in this series and 41 longer monographs in the LACM Science Series. Contributions in Science is fully reviewed, with each manuscript examined by the internal scholarly publications committee and 2 external peer reviewers. Copies of each published paper are sent to some 500 museums and universities around the world. Formerly, publication in this series was restricted to LACM staff and associates but we are now accepting manuscripts from outside authors as well.

Subject emphasis is on systematics and taxonomy of both extant and extinct organisms. Accepted manuscripts are published free of page charges. Contributions in Science is an open-access scientific journal and full online versions of papers are posted immediately on the LACM Web site after publication by Allen Press. Every December, printed versions, of all papers accepted throughout the calendar year, will be published together in a large annual bound issue. Authors receive a free
PDF file and 25 free printed copies. Longer papers may be considered and accepted for the LACM Science Series, but authors will be asked to support at least some of the publication costs.

For submission guidelines and instructions for authors, visit the Scholarly Publication's Web site at, or contact the Managing Editor, Vicky Brown, at