Thread subject: :: iNaturalist projects + Micropezids, Lonchaeidae, Sepsidae, Sciomyzidae & Heleomyzidae

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 28-06-2020 07:10

The category for this would be "recording" but since there isn't such a category I'll put it here:
I've been trying out the iNaturalist project system for a month now at https://www.inatu...tanypezids and whilst the flies are in season, records are coming in at 3 or 4 per day. So at the very least it's entertaining, with the occasional cracking photograph. Distribution patterns are beginning to emerge.
Easy to set up, little effort to manage (depending on the popularity of the Family), not much obligation and colleagues can join the project to collaborate.
The only other one I know of is Valter Jacinto's Diptera of Europe (https://www.inatu...-of-europe) which covers everything.
Would any of the other Diptera experts care to set one up? I'd like to visit ones on Conopidae or Sciomyzidae each day too.

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Posted by Iain MacGowan on 28-06-2020 10:48


thanks for the tip - although I use iNaturalist I had never quite realised the potential of projects. I have now set one up .... Iain

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 28-06-2020 14:40

Got it Iain - https://www.inatu...onchaeidae
Good timing too as I've just received notice that Nigel Jones has set up a UK Study Group for the Lance-flies (Lonchaeidae)
(World Lonchaeidae Scratchpad site at
Good luck with it all

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 16-07-2020 07:24

There's now one for European Sepsidae set up by Steve Crellin at https://www.inatu...a-sepsidae
If they interest you at all then do take a look.

Posted by Carnifex on 17-07-2020 08:46

I very much do support these projects. While I won't start a project myself, I might help with usability questions regarding iNaturalist.
Feel free to ask :-)

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 19-08-2020 07:46

I've now set one up for Sciomyzidae + Phaeomyiidae
At https://www.inatu...sciomyzids
I confess I've no great skills at identifying these from photographs but others have.
If you have those skills then do please have a go at confirming the posts of others there.
If not then you've an interesting gallery to take a look at.

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 04-09-2020 14:55

Latest is one by Ian Andrews for Heleomyzidae

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 16-07-2023 08:19

All the Dipterists Forum recording scheme projects are now bundled together in one place:


Apologies to the hoverflies for omitting them - their numbers would swamp everything out

Good hunting

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 18-02-2024 08:56

Matt Vosper has now set one up for the UK Hoverflies at https://www.inatu...-syrphidae

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