Thread subject: :: Symphyta, Argidae (NEW photo)

Posted by Carnifex on 23-05-2020 22:10

Found on a meadow in Wienerwald (Vienna) in May.
Genus or species ID possible?

Edited by Carnifex on 24-05-2020 23:10

Posted by Jan Maca on 24-05-2020 06:03

To me it looks like Aphrostema femala. Check the wing venation - it is not clearly visible in the pictures.

Posted by Carnifex on 24-05-2020 23:10

Thanks Jan, your suggestion seem good. See this photo:

I did some search, but I almost found nothing about that genus, also not how many species could be found in my area

Posted by Jan Maca on 25-05-2020 06:25

Hm, wing venation (pterostigmal cell) does not seem to support Aphrostema...
Hopefully, hymenopterists would provide the determination.

Posted by Juergen Peters on 25-05-2020 19:41


looks like a female Arge rustica to me (see confirmed specimen below), but I am no expert.