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Posted by Malgo on 23-05-2020 17:16

Virtually all black, about 10mm, on a rose species in a hedgerow in the south of England. The lower part of the eye appears to be hairy.

Posted by Malgo on 23-05-2020 17:16

photo 2

Posted by Zeegers on 23-05-2020 20:39

A female of Eumea, one of the two. The colouration would suggest Eu. mitis, but both are very similar.


Posted by Malgo on 24-05-2020 19:39

Thanks for the response. The Tachinid Recording Scheme (UK) describes Eumea mitis as "quite a rare species (known from just a few specimens)" so this seems unlikely. Other pictures of both Eumea species seem to have a more chequered look to the abdomen so what suggested Eumea to you. My initial thought was Pales pavida.

Posted by Zeegers on 25-05-2020 07:55

Pales has the apex of scutellum red and the tibiae slightly reddish.
The triple center dark vittae on anterior part of thorax and the doubled discal bristles and tergites are strong arguments for Eumea.

And there are 2 Eumea’s, it still might be linearicornis.


Posted by Malgo on 25-05-2020 12:25

Many thanks, Eumea linearicornis is described as "much commoner" in the UK so this seems the more likely.