Thread subject: :: Ulidiidae from Canary Islands => Physiphora smaragdina

Posted by Marion Friedrich on 12-12-2019 01:01

the only Ulidiidae species listed in "LISTA DE ESPECIES SILVESTRES DE CANARIAS Hongos, plantas y animales terrestres 2009" for Canary Islands is Physiphora alceae (Preyssler, 1791). The species should "have black legs except fore tarsus with basitarsomere creamy yellow in basal 3 / 4 , mid- and hind tarsi yellow; all setae black; fore femur postero-ventrally with 5–7 thickened, but rather short setae in apical half."
On a new and old pictures from Fuerteventura basitarsomere of fore tarsus seems to be black. Do these flies belong to another species?


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