Thread subject: :: request Scathophagidae document

Posted by johnes81 on 14-11-2019 20:40

Hello everyone,

I am hoping that someone can help me obtain a copy of the document entitled "The Family Scathophagidae (Diptera) of the Czech and Slovak Republics" by František Šifner.

Thank You and Best Wishes,

Posted by Johane on 14-11-2019 20:49

Posted by johnes81 on 14-11-2019 21:13

Thank you, Johan. I owe you a favor.

I am happy to have a copy of this document. I have a few specimens that i am trying to place at a species level. I couldn't find this document.

Thank you again and Best wishes,

ps collect on the favor anytime :)

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Posted by Zeegers on 15-11-2019 09:46

Did you use the UK key by Stuart Ball ?


Posted by johnes81 on 15-11-2019 12:46

Zeegers wrote:
Did you use the UK key by Stuart Ball ?


Yes Sir, i tried the keys. However, there seems to be confusion between Scathophaga inquinata and S. lutaria. Thus, i think that genitalia may be necessary. I key my specimen to Scathophaga inquinata but the humeral callus is yellow, which is mentioned for S. lutaria and not S. inquinata. I saw that Stephane (LeBrun) posted once that the yellow calli should be ignored because the abdomen is wholly yellow. I am struggling to determine this specimen because i think it is Scathophaga inquinata despite the yellow calli.

I will try genitalia and the requested document has genitalia for both male and female species.

Thank you, Theo! By the way, i owe you many favors :) you are always nice and helpful. I do not forget you!

Best wishes,