Thread subject: :: Fly id - Scathophagidae - Cleigastra (Nanna) flavipes

Posted by Xylosoma on 08-12-2019 17:29

Following Ozerov, A. L., Krivosheina, M. G. (2015): A review of the genera Cleigastra Macquart, Gonarcticus Becker, Gonatherus Rondani, Hexamitocera Becker, Nanna Strobl, Orthacheta Becker and Spathephilus Becker (Diptera, Scathophagidae) of Russia. Zootaxa 4012 (2): 201-258, DOI: it is N. falvipes. I whould call it N. multisetosa, a valid species and not a synonym of. N. flavipes as given by Ozerov & Krivosheina, using another, specific hostplant, and inhabiting another biotop.