Thread subject: :: Some coprophagous flies in Suriname | Rivellia sp. (Platystomatidae)

Posted by Auke on 27-08-2019 16:44

These flies were feeding on some presumed excrement of a small mammal in the forest of Suriname. Please help to ID.

Edited by Auke on 28-08-2019 17:46

Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 27-08-2019 17:07

Platystomatidae, see the protruded mouth edge of the specimen right above

Posted by Auke on 27-08-2019 17:15

Thank you! |t

Posted by John Carr on 27-08-2019 20:16

Wing pattern is like Rivellia.

Posted by Auke on 27-08-2019 23:34

Thanks, now filed as cf. Rivellia.

Posted by Andrew Whittington on 28-08-2019 09:45

I agree with John