Thread subject: :: Psilidae - Chamaepsila sp. (?) very nice fly.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 16-10-2007 16:40

this case is getting more and more interesting.
Bernhard Merz told to me : "According to my knowledge and our reference collection it is a species close to "Psila" gracilis Loew. However, there are some differences, in particular in chaetotaxy of the head and in the arrangement of the black stripes on the mesonotum. (...) without checking some crucial characters (fine setulae on thorax, exact distribution of setae, wing shape and venation, more precise study of head shape, and of course of the female terminalia) it is not possible to establish the name, even the genus is not fully clear."

Be tunned. Hopefully I will upload photos more later. :)

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