Thread subject: :: Psilidae - Chamaepsila sp. (?) very nice fly.

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* locality - Fontelo's garden - Viseu - PORTUGAL
* date - 2007.10.13
* size - 6 mm (medium fly)
* habitat - public garden
* substrate - resting on a leaf, very near the ground

Psila ?

it is a female.

EDIT---> Title changed from "Psilidae - Psila sp. (?) very nice fly." to "Psilidae - Oxypsila sp. (?) very nice fly." and then to "Psilidae - Chamaepsila sp. (?) very nice fly."

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last photo.

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Psila sp. ? Am I right? thank you.

Posted by Kahis on 14-10-2007 23:41

Hmm, it looks like no Psilid I have seen. But then again, I have hardly seen them all :) Definitely not Psila though. Oxypsila sp. ?

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 14-10-2007 23:43

it is nice to see that this fly is putting doubts. :)

I have a male of this one, I think. I will upload the photos very soon.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 15-10-2007 07:17

In our Dutch key Oxypsila is keyed out as having no dorsocentral setae, but this one has two prescutellar dc. Following the key I would have to say it is Chamaepsila but that does not ring right when looking at the Chamaespsila we have here.

Posted by Jan Willem on 15-10-2007 08:57

Very nice fly indeed. I'm very curious what it will turn out to be!

Jan Willem

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 15-10-2007 15:57

let me know if you want a detailed shot of terminalia... and others. I have almost photos from all angles. But I just can upload the photos on Wednesday.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 16-10-2007 16:40

this case is getting more and more interesting.
Bernhard Merz told to me : "According to my knowledge and our reference collection it is a species close to "Psila" gracilis Loew. However, there are some differences, in particular in chaetotaxy of the head and in the arrangement of the black stripes on the mesonotum. (...) without checking some crucial characters (fine setulae on thorax, exact distribution of setae, wing shape and venation, more precise study of head shape, and of course of the female terminalia) it is not possible to establish the name, even the genus is not fully clear."

Be tunned. Hopefully I will upload photos more later. :)

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Posted by Heteropteran on 16-10-2016 08:57

Chamaepsila setalba Friedberg & Shatalkin, 2008--> new name for Chamaepsila gracilis Loew, 1854

Posted by Jocelyn Claude on 28-09-2022 17:51

Hello ! Head with two large, brown lateral occipital spots. Thorax with a brown band from postpronotum to base of halters. =>Chamaepsila longipennis (Séguy, 1936)

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 29-09-2022 13:13

Thanks Jocelyn! :)