Thread subject: :: Storing flies in alcohol

Posted by Ralph Sipple on 31-07-2008 06:55

Hi Jorge,

sorry, I must dig deeper. What exactly happens with what structures? I?m sure, that there is no problem with sciarids, but I also want to avoid serious damages at other diptera-groups:(.

My procedure is as follows:

>1% formaldehyd-solution in Malaise-trap for one week, additional some drops of "Mirasol", a surfactant from my darkroom.

>sieving through a tea strainer, careful rinsing with aqua demin.

>transfer in 70% Ethanol for long time storage

How would you do this with Malaise trap? Alcohol problematically evaporates (and accumulates water) during one week. What should I use better? ethyleneglycol?

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