Thread subject: :: Storing flies in alcohol

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 30-07-2008 11:12

Ralph Sipple wrote:
Hi together,

sorry for necroing this thread.

jorgemotalmeida wrote: ..."NEVER use formaldehyde because it alters the structures of the specimens"...

Some Dipterists working with e.g. sciarids recommend the use of 1% formaldehyd-solution, because it saves structures by immediatly hardening the objects. This seems to be a contradiction.

At present I use this fluid in Malaise trap and everything looks quite good. The only disadvantage seems to be that everything gets very stiff.

What do you think about this?


Maybe in infinitesimal quantities it doesn't harm the specimens. But if you only use Formaldehyde it is sure that it will damage the structures of the specimens.