Thread subject: :: English Diptera ID ?

Posted by nomad on 09-12-2018 14:15

Species ID needed? Cothill Fen, Oxon, England. 29/6/2018.

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Posted by Sundew on 09-12-2018 21:11

This looks like a Tachinid, the wing venation recalls Goniini or Dexiini. Theo can surely tell more; you should change the title to attract his attention.

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Posted by Pierre-Yves on 09-12-2018 22:47


It look like Lydella sp.. Have you others pictures (side) ? And can you tell more about the environment in which the picture was taken ?


Posted by nomad on 09-12-2018 23:07

Many thanks for your help Pierre Yves. Unfortunately I have only this one image. It was found among reed beds on boggy ground in a Fen = Marsh.