Thread subject: :: Thoracic Setae

Posted by Tony T on 29-09-2007 18:03

conopid wrote:
A particlular request - any chance of some similarly annotated photos for Sarcophagidae...... ?.

Dorsal view of thorax of a Sarcophagid, 7 September 2007, NB, Canada. The setal pattern is much less clear than that of Calliphorids (see previous image in this thread)
1: dc s, dorso central seta; usually 3-4 presutural dc s (presut dc s), and 3-4 postsutural dc s (psut dc s). 4 presut dc s and 4 psut dc s in this fly
2: ial s, intra-alar seta; usually 1-2 presutural ial s (presut ial s), and 1-2 postsutural ial s (psut ial s). 2 presut ial s and 2 psut ial s in this fly
3: pprn s, postpronotal seta; usually 2-4 setae. 3 pprn s in this fly
4: spal s, supra-alar seta; usually 1-2 presutural apal s, and 3 postsutural spal s. 2 presut spal s and 3 psut spal s in this fly
5: npl s, notopleural seta; usually 4 in Sarcophaginae, just 2 in Miltogramminae. 4 npl s in this fly
6: pal s, post alar seta; 2 in Sarcophagidae; 2 pal s in this fly.
7: psut acr s; postsutural acrostichal seta; usually a prescutellar pair; as here (1 psut acr s each side of mid-line).
8: ds sctl s; discal scutellar seta; just 1 ds sctl s on each side of mid-line
9: l sctl s; lateral scutellar seta; usually 2 or 3. 2 l sctl s in this fly.

Note the absence of presutural acrostichal seta and the reduction in number of postsutural acrostichal setae.