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Abbreviations for the thorax and leg.

--- not sure specially for intra-alar and scutellum --- I will update this throughout the day.


Warning: setae is the plural form, seta is the singular form.

Acrostichal(s) seta(e) = ac seta(e). Or Ac seta(e).
Dorsocentral(s) seta(e) = dc seta(e). Or Dc seta(e).
Intra-alar(s) seta(e) = ia seta(e) not intralar or Intra alar.
Postsutural dorsocentral(s) seta(e) = post sut dc seta(e)
Presutural dorsocentral(s) seta(e) = pre sut dc seta(e)
Scutellum = sctl
Scutum = sct
Transverse suture = ts (on scutum)


Microtrichium (plural: MICROTRICHIA) = hair like elements (without alveolus) -- erroneously called HAIRS. The hairs are a feature strictly of mammals.
Macrotrichium (plural: MACROTRICHIA) = bristle or seta. (plural: BRISTLES or SETAE). It has always an alveolus. Very strong macrotrichia are spurs or spines. TAKE A LOOK at the second photo - Calliphora vomitoria (see above), it shows very clearly an alveolus in the base of the presutural dorsocentral seta/bristle at our right. It lost the bristle, indeed. See the photos of Mycetophilidae in gallery to find the spurs on tibia.

seta (plural: SETAE) = bristle (plural: BRISTLES)
small seta/bristle = setula (plural: SETULAE)


The leg is composed by COXA, TROCHANTER, FEMUR, TIBIA, TARSUS (plural: TARSI). This reflects the order of a leg since the thorax.

Femur 1 = f1 -- the anterior femur (the first one that appears after the head) / Femur 3 = f3 -- the posterior femur (the first one that appears before the genitalia).

Tibia 1 = t1 -- the same as femur.

Tarsus 1 = ta1 -- the first segment of the tarsomere after the tibia. There are 5 segments in tarsus (tarsomeres). The first is called metatarsus or basitarsus; the last one is distitarsus.
Tarsus have five segments, the so-called, tarsomeres (going outward from tibia to the extremity of the leg). The distitarsus has sclerite bearing 2 claws.

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