Thread subject: :: Thoracic Setae

Posted by conopid on 27-09-2007 11:54

Tony, Paul,
This is really, extremely useful. It's much, much better than the line drawings one usually has to try and interpret. Can I suggest, if Tony has time over the coming months/years that the site contains a section where the major families are featured in this way. It would be useful to also provide a glossary of setae terminology, so that workers using different terms can check and be clear about the bristles that they are interpreting.

A particlular request - any chance of some similarly annotated photos for Sarcophagidae and Lonchaeidae - dorsal and lateral ? (Pretty please). lonchaeidae are causing me particular problems at the moment. I can never convince myself that I am looking at the correct bristles in some instances and so I am probably making many elementary mistakes. Photos of the fantastic quality seen here would really help with this issue.:)

If you can undertake any of this work Tony, the amateur dipterist community will forever be in your debt!

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