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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 01-11-2018 13:46

Dear colleagues,
this week I've finished my job on popular book, something like "Rasskazy o Diptera = Stories on Diptera". It will include general chapters on Insects and Diptera and stories about 65 families of Diptera (excluding the smallest and too exotic groups). Of course, a lot of illustrations, about 220 images. Authors of the majority of the images have given me their permission already. It is time to ask kind permissions for other images. The authors of the images are listed below.
Other question is how you prefer to see your name indicated?
For example, we know member as NakaRB, but he prefers to refer him as Nikolay Vladimirov, which is quite natural, isn't it? But possibly somebody prefers (for whatever reason) to be under nickname. So, please, let me know that, you can reply me via messenger or directly at
Best wishes, Nikita Vikhrev

Anthomyiidae Christine Devillers shrumpy
Blephariceridae Nick Upton
Cecidomyiid pwalter Philippe moniotte Philippe moniotte Philippe moniotte
Ceratopogonidae DavidG brundlefly
Culicid brundlefly brundlefly ulf, Photo: S. Drechsel
Limoniidae Hubert Polacek
Simulidae Roger Thomason
Therevid Cor Zonneveld
Glossinidae raywilson
Psychodidae evdb raywilson
Acroceridae jorgemotalmeida
Tabanidae cosmln
Asilidae Frank Koehler Frank Koehler brundlefly Klaas
Rhagionidae shrumpy
Hybotidae Klaas
Stratiomyidae Marian
Bombyliidae pwalter npisec
Phoridae mwkozlowski mwkozlowski Paul Beuk
Syrphidae Frank Koehler Marion Friedrich evdb brigitteu kurt Kurt Holmqvist Rupert Huber
Chloropidae Andreas Haselboeck Ruth Ahlburg Nick Upton blowave
Diopsidae pwalter
Hippoboscidae pwalter JariF JariF
Milichiidae pat_der2003 Manuel Lopez
Micropezidae Gumenuk Vitalij
Conopidae NakaRB Nikolay Vladimirov Leonid Fedyantsev
Piophilidae lynkos
Tachinidae Frank Koehler spectre
Sarcophagidae pierred Marion Friedrich Cor Zonneveld christoophe
Heleomyzidae Woodmen
Tephritidae Ben Hamers Marc T
Platystomatidae Ben Hamers
Muscidae mwkozlowski Klaas Frank Koehler

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