Thread subject: :: Psilidae ID -> Chamaepsila luteola

Posted by Carnifex on 19-11-2018 15:27

I am now very confident that Paul is right in his opinion that this is a Chamaepsila species. Eye shape, apparently two dc pairs exclude Psila.

I have a species list of Chamaepsila for Austria that comprises 16 species. It doesn't include Ch. lutea (is that a valid species?) and I don't have information about the characters of Ch. andreji, so I am left with 3 species having a yellow thorax and abdomen: Ch. obscuritarsis, Ch. pallida & Ch. rufa.

I am almost certain I can see two dc pairs (which also excludes Psila), which leaves me with Ch. pallida. Also the third antennal segment is darkened, which is ok for Ch. pallida (according to HENNIG; I don't have new literature).

Is anyone with me? :S