Thread subject: :: Can't trust Philipomyia species IDs

Posted by rafael_carbonell on 15-07-2018 14:52

I am trying to clarify the limits between both species, P. aprica and P. graeca and have nothing clear.

Following Krcmar et al (2011) Horse flies key of Croatia who is based on Chvála et al. (1972) and also Portillo-Rubio (2002) Fauna Iberica Tabanidae Key, they use, for instance some characteristics which I found really ambiguous:
- Antenna: All antenna seen from both species are orange or pale brown in the basal segment and dark in the apical ones.
- Abdomen colour is brown with a black median line wihich is more or less narrow or wide.. I have not seen nothing written about a rate.

There are a few pictures of what I would call authentic P. graeca, with the tooth pointing really forwards and very narrow black line on abdomen:

Krcmar et al (2011) has some "good" graeca specimens:

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