Thread subject: :: Tipulid larvae?

Posted by ChrisR on 10-10-2005 17:04

Hi there - my parents found this mass of larvae in a damp mixture of moss and earth today. Any idea what they are?

Posted by Paul Beuk on 10-10-2005 17:09

They are stratiomyids. If you have a more close up picture, then maybe we can say a little bit more.

Posted by Chen Young on 10-10-2005 21:18

Could these be Bibionidae larvae?;)

Posted by Paul Beuk on 10-10-2005 22:57

No, they are strats! :p

Posted by ChrisR on 11-10-2005 13:21

A closer photo - i hope it helps :D

Posted by Paul Beuk on 11-10-2005 14:14

I stand corrected and think I should humbly bow for the superious knowledge of Chen: The narrow heads I thought I could see on the first pictures are broad after all and that gives an extremely high probability that Chen is correct with his assumption of Bibionidae (grovel, grovel).

Posted by Chen Young on 11-10-2005 15:50

Thanks Paul, it was just lucky guess. My experience of chasing crane fly larvae in the wild leads me to guess when mass grubs occur, they were either Bibionidae or Sciaridae, and sciarids usually have smooth, shiny bodies. So there was just one guess left. Enjoy wondering through your web!:p

Posted by ChrisR on 11-10-2005 17:55

Thanks Chen ... and Paul. I rather like bibionids as a group - easy to find, easy to identify (at least as adults!) and easy to curate in a collection ... and there's only a handful of species here! :D

As a footnote, I am not sure what their dietry requirements are, but my parents are hoping the larvae will eat all the moss on their paths :D