Thread subject: :: Sending flies via mail

Posted by Kahis on 12-09-2007 17:25

crex wrote:
If packed in a vial (tube) I assume you pack one fly and stopper, one fly and stopper etc or could you put several flies together between each stopper?

Several flies in one vial should be OK. Depends on your degree of perfectionism :)

crex wrote:
The question about alcohol percentage has been discussed before, I think ... somewhere. I guess the flies should be put in alcohol as soon as possible. How long can you store it in alcohol before sending it? Let's say one collect flies during a period of time and plan to send a bunch at once later?

Around 70% is usually used, diluted with distilled water, if possible. For material for DNA studies, 'pure' alcohol is recommended. Room-temperature storage in alcohol for a year should do little harm - ten years and you'll certainly start to see some bleaching. Low temperature is always better.