Thread subject: :: Larval & adult morphotypes

Posted by AlexS on 22-09-2017 10:58

Hi all,

I am a 4th year PhD student currently working through a number of pitfall trap samples containing a wide variety of diptera morphotypes (both larval and adult stages).

I have identified my trap contents using morphotype analysis in lieu of species-level identification (as terrestrial invertebrate taxonomy is not my strong point) and have a catalogue of 23 photos of a number of larval and adult diptera that I am using for my analysis. I am wary that these have not been QC'd and that there may be overlaps (i.e. larval and adult stages of the same species/family being classed as two different morphotypes).

I was wondering whether there might be anyone I could contact who might be able to scan over these photos and point out any overlaps? I know that there is a feature for uploading photos here, but these are not high-quality photos and I am not after species identification; rather some confirmation that I have indeed identified 23 different morphotypes for my analysis! I have included a sample photo to give an idea.

I have also posted this over at the Dipterists Forum (

Thank you for your time, and I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone might have.

Many thanks,


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