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Posted by johnes81 on 21-07-2017 19:28

Danny Haelewaters wrote:
Hello John,

I attach a figure from Hughes et al. 2004, in which structures are labeled. The species in this figure is Stigmatomyces australis (scale bar = 50 ┬Ám).

fo: Foot, the single point of attachment to the host
I, II, III: Cells I, II, and III of the receptacle
VI: Cell VI, basal cell of the perithecium
per: Perithecium
an: Antheridia, which are formed on the free appendage. The entire structure above cell III is the appendage.

I hope this helps with regard to the morphology.


Thank You very much Sir Haelewaters. I never know to address a superior. I always worry that I will offend someone here. I hope that informal language is okay with you.

I am sorry for not replying sooner. I have been very busy with research/identification. Plus I have a Wife and a Son. I am short on time this week.

I am so very happy to learn the terminology. I want to learn more about fungi, so this is the beginning for me. You are a great person to make time to help me. Thank You.

I understand that you study Hesperomyces. I always find Harmonia axyridis with Hesperomyces, which got me interested in knowing more about fungi. Anyway, if you ever need a specimen for study, then please let me know. I will be happy to collect for you.

I hope that you have a Wonderful Day.

I'm off to work again. I've removed the epigynum of a Cheiracanthium and Philodromus, so I now begins the identification work. Although, I feel confident that I have mildei and cespitum. I still must follow protocol. Goodnight all...