Thread subject: :: Stigmatomyces ceratophorus

Posted by johnes81 on 21-07-2017 19:16

Jan Maca wrote:
W. Rossi ( confirmed the determination. He is working on a monographic paper on Laboulbeniales parasitic on Diptera and thus he is interested in receiving the fly with fungi. This is also true for any fungus on any fly from any country.
Address: Prof. W. Rossi, Universita de l´Áquila, Dip. di medicína clinica, scienze de la vita e dell´ambiente, I-67100 Coppito - L´Aquila, Italia

FANtastic! I am very Thankful for the confirmation. I am pleasantly surprised about Sir Rossi being the individual to confirm the identification. I never expected this to happen. I cannot Thank Sir Rossi enough.

I am sorry to inform you that I have dissected the fly for identification. I usually have to identify animals alone, so I never plan for help. Honestly, I didn't think that anyone would reply to this thread.

I am always willing to help an expert with research material. Sir Rossi can make more use of a specimen. I just identify species. I try to study fungi because I find fungi to be very fascinating. I will continue to learn/study but I will definitely send diptera with fungi to Sir Rossi.

I see diptera with fungi every few months, so I will start collecting for Sir Rossi.

I just need to know how to store the specimen for Sir Rossi. If dna study is required, then I will use 95% ethanol. Otherwise, I will need instructions from you. Thank You x googolplex!