Thread subject: :: Stigmatomyces ceratophorus

Posted by johnes81 on 14-07-2017 23:21

Hello everyone, I am hoping for some useful information about Stigmatomyces ceratophorus.

is Fannia canicularis always the host of Stigmatomyces ceratophorus?
I have a photo of a Fannia canicularis with a fungus which seems to be Stigmatomyces.
if Fannia canicularis is the main host, then the fungus should be ceratophorus.

I found a book with some keys:
Notes on the Laboulbeniales (Ascomycota) parasitic on Diptera from Portugal and other countries
W. Rossi, S. Santamaria and R. Andrade

the keys for Stigmatomyces ceratophorus:
Axis of the free appendage branched ... ceratophorus

exactly where is the free appendage?
anyone know of a resource for thallus/fungi morphology/anatomy?

I've attached a microscopic photo of the thalli. Maybe someone can confirm Stigmatomyces ceratophorus.

Thank You.

ps: I didn't know where to post this query. I hope that General queries is ok.

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