Thread subject: :: Fly with patterned wings (Pattaya, Thailand)

Posted by John Carr on 12-08-2016 02:14

Quoting Crosskey's review of Oriental Tachinidae:

Facial carina short and clearly differentiated from the epistome by an obvious
depression (epistome prominent and the excavation between it and the facial carina
very conspicuous in profile). Face bare and brilliantly shining. Wing with petiole
about twice as long as r-m ........ mannii Mik
Facial carina long and virtually reaching the epistomal margin (epistome not
prominent and not separated from the facial carina by a conspicuous depression
when seen in profile). Face thinly greyish pollinose, not shining and at most
appearing slightly polished only on the sharp anterior edge. Wing with petiole
about three times as long as r-m ....... tuckeri Bezzi