Thread subject: :: Stratiomyidae larva?

Posted by lynkos on 21-09-2005 21:28

I'm posting this on behalf of someone who doesn't speak English, but would appreciate confirmation that this is a Stratiomyidae larva as he thinks. He also asks whether it is possible to also identify the species from the larval form. 1.jpg 2.jpg

Thanks, Sarah

Posted by Paul Beuk on 21-09-2005 22:19

This could very well be the larva of an Odontomyia species. I think I have seen a similar shape in the pupa of Odontomyia otnata.

Posted by lynkos on 22-09-2005 06:55

Thanks a million Paul, I'll refer the answer back to my friend and I know he'll be highly pleased, Sarah