Thread subject: :: Using GIS to make distribution maps

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 28-12-2015 11:58

For those who might be interested in producing distribution maps there is currently a good deal of interest in Geographical Information Systems. One such, QGIS, is available as a free download.
I'm currently trying to encourage the UK Diptera scheme organisers to use this valuable tool and have written a guide located at http://www.dipter...-QGIS.html
It's mostly concerned with the UK but I've put a few links to data that will be of value in Europe (in particular a source of free maps for France that's so deeply buried in an archive that I bet even the French wouldn't know where to find it)
I hope someone finds it of value, do let me know if you have any tips for free GIS map data from other countries or know of grid systems that are used elsewhere to put dots on maps.