Thread subject: :: Bombyliidae Bryodemina sp.?

Posted by Beverly on 26-07-2015 16:59

I found this Bee Fly in my backyard (in Colima, Colima, Mexico) in 2013 shortly after the area had been hit with two hurricanes in the same day (one from the west, the other from the east) so it may be common here in Colima or it may have blown in from elsewhere. I can't find the coordinates of my location at this moment but i will add them soon. We are thinking the species may be fasciata. Here is a photo:
See image and coordinates a few posts below this one.

Well I do not see an "edit" option and i did not post the thread so maybe it posted automatically. I evidently was not successful in adding the photo. I did browse my attachment and it did come up as a "file" selected. From there, i have no clue what happened. I assumed the photo would be embedded in the message section of the post text.

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