Thread subject: :: Entomologische Wörterbücher

Posted by Dmitry Gavryushin on 20-05-2015 11:00

Can anybody please share an opinion on the following book:

Stefan von Kéler: Entomologisches Wörterbuch mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der morphologischen Terminologie.

For example, 3., durchges. u. erw. Aufl., Berlin : Akademie-Verl., 1963. ASIN: B0000BK218

Or maybe there's similar more recent book.

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Posted by Menno Reemer on 20-05-2015 12:31

I don't know that one, but a more recent one is The Torre-Bueno Glossary of Entomology, revised ed. by S.W. Nichols 1989, New York Entomological Society. I rarely use it, but I think it's quite good.

Posted by Dmitry Gavryushin on 20-05-2015 14:20

Many thanks for your reply Menno, actually I'm familiar with the title you mentioned but I need something specifically in German...