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Posted by Jan Barten on 22-08-2005 13:00

Is there any recent Conopidae key or faunistic literature covering the north west of Europe or more precisely the Netherlands?

Thanks in advance
Jan Barten

Posted by Paul Beuk on 22-08-2005 13:21

The reference below is still the most up to date key for the Netherlands but you can also try the online keys on Mark's website at http://home.hccne...index.html.

Veen, M. van, 1984. De blaaskopvliegen en roofvliegen van Nederland en Belgi?. Vijfde gewijzigde druk. Jeugdbondsuitgeverij, 's-Graveland.

Posted by Louis Boumans on 22-08-2005 13:32

Maybe one or two years ago there was a long faunistic article about the Conopidae of Friesland (Frisia) in ... either Entomologische Berichten or Nederlandse faunistische Mededelingen.

Posted by Jan Barten on 23-08-2005 20:36

Thank you for the info. I already have the key Paul mentions. It seems that not much is going on in the conopid scene.

Jan Barten

Posted by Guenter on 11-01-2006 12:25

Well, I'm interested in alpine Conopidae. Any suggestions for that region?

Posted by Kahis on 11-01-2006 13:10

Contact Jens-Hermann Stuke (http://www.schweb...stuke.html)
for a truly up-to-date view of what literature should be used for Conopidae.

Posted by Guenter on 12-01-2006 13:33

Thank's for the tip Kahis, I've contacted him.
Best wishes,