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Posted by blaauw7 on 23-05-2014 11:30

Found today on Fraxinus leaves, River Rhine area, Netherlands. Psilidae?

Gr Dick

Posted by nielsyese on 24-05-2014 21:09

Maybe Chamaepsila pallida.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 27-05-2014 10:44

According to a recent key I saw, pallida should have yellow tergites. This then is another species. Dick, if you kept the specimen, please, send it to me so I can check for the correct name for this species.

Posted by blaauw7 on 30-05-2014 18:54

I will send it to you Paul.

Gr Dick

Posted by Paul Beuk on 05-06-2014 10:33


Posted by Jocelyn Claude on 10-10-2022 10:20

Hello to all,
In fact it is not possible that it is Cha. pallida because of the black abdominal tergites (yellow for pallida). It is rather Cha. andreji.

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Posted by Carnifex on 10-10-2022 11:49

A taxonomic question:
In GBIF (= Systema Dipterorum) it is genus Psila, in fauna-eu as well as here in the forum it is Chamaepsila pallida. Is there a current widely accepted agreement, also which species are remaining in genus Psila?

Posted by Jocelyn Claude on 10-10-2022 13:32

Yes, there is a big problem with the taxonomy of this family at the European level: GBIF and Fauna europaea are absolutely not updated and do not include at all the latest publications on this subject. It is the same problem for taxa to be added in Inaturalist nowadays, they have to be systematically reclassified as Chamaepsila and not as Psila, it is very annoying!
The taxonomy of this family must follow Shatalkin & Mertz, 2010 (The Psilidae (Diptera, Acalyptrata) of Switzerland, with description of two new species from Central Europe. Revue Suisse de Zoologie, 117 (4), 771–800) and Shatalkin, 2021 (in Kirk-Spriggs, A.H. & Sinclair, B.J. (eds). 2021. Manual of Afrotropical Diptera. Volume 3. Brachycera—Cyclorrhapha, excluding Calyptratae. Suricata 8. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria; pp. 1545–1556.)

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Posted by Carnifex on 10-10-2022 21:11

Actually, just after I wrote this question, I was forwarded towards Mertz's publication and subsequently switched the genera within the iNat taxonomy. Please flag any further taxa that should not be in Psila anymore, and I will have a look at it