Thread subject: :: Agromyzidae 11 NL->Liriomyza phryne

Posted by nielsyese on 23-02-2014 13:25

Last one. Also collected in July in Middelburg, Netherlands. Liriomyza?

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Posted by nielsyese on 23-02-2014 13:26


Posted by mcerny on 23-02-2014 14:59

Liriomyza phryne Hendel, 1931.


Posted by Paul Beuk on 24-02-2014 09:55

Miloš, I have all faith in your expertise, but as this species id currently not officially listed for the Netherlands (yet), I have to ask if this ID is certain. ;)

Posted by mcerny on 24-02-2014 11:06

Paul, this ID is certain, this is new species for Netherlands.


Posted by nielsyese on 24-02-2014 18:54

Thanks for your help with all Agromyzidae topics! I have a few Agromyzidae left on alcohol, maybe I'll post them there to check for other possibly new species.