Thread subject: :: Help to ID the "group of setae" below the Inner Vertical Seta

Posted by Marcello on 05-02-2014 21:36


I need to know where/which is the group of setae below the Inner Vertical Setae in the Lucilia cf. sericata.
This is a Young (born by 2-3 minutes) Lucilia cf. sericata, I'm trying to recognize the Withworth key about:

central occipital area with group of 2-5 setae below inner vertical seta

So, in the red circle are two Group of 2 setae below the inner vertical seta, can you help me to understand which one is correct? or maybe both are wrong?

Thanks for the help!


Posted by brundlefly on 05-02-2014 22:46

I don't know the Withworth key, but I would assume that those are the setae he refers to. Rognes does not mention them in the Scandinavian key.

I found a Calliphorid key for Canada by Withworth at
Is that the key you are using?

Posted by Marcello on 06-02-2014 01:09

Hi brundlefly (nice nick btw) :)

So do you think the Group of setae is the first on the left or the second (the more big red circle)?

Here is the Withworth Keys that I was talking about:

Page. 28

I have read the Rognes Keys too and they coincide with the subject that I'm trying to ID - L. sericata:

Thanks for your help!


Posted by brundlefly on 06-02-2014 16:01

From the picture in the key you linked to I'd say it's the left group.

Where is your sample from? The key is for Taiwanese Calliphora, but Lucilia cuprina is not very abundant in Europe yet.

Posted by brundlefly on 06-02-2014 16:20

Found this picture in Withworth 2006 (http://www.birdbl...s/Keys.pdf). I think it explains the issue quite good.:)

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Posted by Marcello on 06-02-2014 22:09

My specimen are from North Italy.

Yes, this picture is what I was searching for :)

Thank you very much for your help!