Thread subject: :: Sciaridae/small Nematocera mounting

Posted by Gnats2meetu on 21-01-2014 22:18

Dear Dipterists.

I am having a wee bit of an issue.
I am trying to mount Sciarid genitalia on slides:

1) I am having an issue with the wings when I take them from the clearing media then 96% ethanol and
place them in euparal, they always bunch up! How does one prevent this from happening so that they can be flattened under a coverslip?

2) I have read in quite a few books that Slide mounting Sciaridae for fine scale examination of the
genitalia and other parts is the way to go. However, I have been warned that the flattening of
various parts of the morphology of the fly can be detrimental to important features. What is the best way to prevent fattening or is it as serious as has been said?? I presume the grade/quality is one thing….

Very best wishes!

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