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Posted by Caillou on 02-12-2013 19:57


I think this may be an Ephydridae, but I’m not sure at all.
If true then could it be Philygria stenoptera ??
When looking in FaunaEuropea for the brachypterous species of this family as stated by David Gibbs in this post, only P. s. is given for Switzerland. But I have not found any info in order to confirm this hypothesis…
What do you think ? Thank you for your help !

Nov 9th, 2013, Vevey, Switzerland, on a wood fence near a river in a humid wood.
Size: 2.0 mm

Edit:I have seen that Paul has added "(male)" in the description of the pictures in the gallery (thanks for accepting them!), so I edit this thread's title accordingly.

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Posted by Caillou on 02-12-2013 19:57

2nd image:

Posted by Caillou on 02-12-2013 19:58

3rd image; I've got other ones if useful.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 03-12-2013 01:56

Lovely pictures of what is probably Philygria stenoptera, but there are other short-winged species, so examination of genitalia is recommended for certain identification. Did you collect a specimen?

Posted by Caillou on 03-12-2013 19:30

Thank you very much Tony !
While I have several other pictures I unfortunately didn't collect the fly, sorry.
Is it reasonable to call it Philygria cf. stenoptera ?

Posted by Tony Irwin on 04-12-2013 13:52

Yes, that is fine. Tadek may be able to say with more certainty, as he is more familiar with these species than I am.

Posted by Caillou on 04-12-2013 20:10

Great !
I will wait for a few days before editing the title in case Tadek shows up, anyway thanks a lot Tony !

Posted by Tadeusz Zatwarnicki on 05-12-2013 11:33

I visit this forum about once a week. I have not expected to see such local fly.
It is really Philygria stenoptera. Wings of Ph. nubeculosa and Ph. mocsaryi are spotted. Wing of Ph. stenoptera are uniformly dark with tiny lightings close to posterior crossvein.
Congratulations Pierre.

Posted by Caillou on 05-12-2013 21:06

Wonderful, thank you so much Tadeusz !