Thread subject: :: Pinning flies and wasps and some curious questions.

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 04-10-2007 15:33

crex wrote:
jorgemotalmeida wrote:
Newbie wrote: How do you arrange the legs and wings in the right position? I think lepidopterists use (rice) paper to pin down the wings when drying.
Gently with a forceps soft, for example. Or with a normal pin! :)

I guess the fly must not be too dry to be able to adjust the wings. I thought the wings (and legs) might revert back to original position when trying to move them. There must be a reason the butterfly collectors use pin and paper to set them in the wanted position.

right, crex. It is important to pin the fly very early because they turn very brittle with the time. Not just for wings, but bristles as well.