Thread subject: :: Platystomatidae (1), Tanzania

Posted by Dmitry Gavryushin on 27-09-2012 18:37

September 14, 2012, Bagamoyo env. Near and on human faeces. Size (in different specimens) up to 13mm.

Subject changed to Platystomatidae instead of Tephritidae.

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Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 27-09-2012 22:50

Platystomatidae, I think

Posted by Dmitry Gavryushin on 30-09-2012 10:26

Thanks Nikita, will change the subject accordingly. Hope Tatiana will be able to identify all of these excrement lovers...

Posted by John Carr on 23-01-2022 22:34


Posted by Andrew Whittington on 28-01-2022 10:53

Correct again John - this is probably P. submetallica (Loew, 1852), the dark band over T3, complete marginal wing band, brown br and dark legs being diagnostic in this case.