Thread subject: :: [Ctenophora elegans] Ctenophora pilosa ?

Posted by John Bratton on 06-03-2007 17:52

As we Brits say about buses, you wait ages then two come along at once. I sent your photos to Alan Stubbs, and here is his response.

"C. pilosa is not in the world checklist. It is a male C. pectinicornis. Nice pictures ?any chance of getting his agreement that Buglife can use them if occasion arises, please? Are you able to provide an E-mail address?"

Buglife is an alternative name for the Invertebrate Conservation Trust, a charity that Alan founded a few years ago, based in Peterborough, England. Its web address is and the e-mail address (should you wish to give permission for photo use) is

Could pectinicornis be another synonym of elegans?

Best wishes

John Bratton