Thread subject: :: Tachinidae > Graphogaster vestita. Confirmed.

Posted by Maherjos on 12-06-2012 08:45

Piluca_Alvarez wrote:
I am pretty sure it is a male Graphogaster vestita ;) It was found last year in Almeria, Chris and Theo IDed it in it and many pictures of it have been taken in the area this year. It is rather characteristic once you know it. It seems to be rather common in SE Spain.

Have a look at this thread:


Great picture! Gallery, please! ;)

Hello Piluca.!

I appreciate your confirmation. It is always my pleasure to add a new copy to my photo gallery.

Very interesting link attached. I had not seen the post.

By the way, Theo says That this species has a strong sexual dimorphism. And ChrisR, on this other, http://www.dipter...d_id=48080, which may be the female Graphogaster. Could you ask him to see Theo?.

Thanks for everything, Piluca.
Warm regards from southern Spain.