Thread subject: :: Vanoyia tenuicornis (female). Confirmed.

Posted by Maherjos on 21-06-2012 16:44

Paul Beuk wrote:
With the sorry excuse that I never had seen a female yet, I have to admit with embarassment that this is the female of Vanoyia tenuicornis. Receiving a vial with three males of tenuicornis and five females of this 'Oxycera' from the same locality I got a bit uncomfortable and the key proved I was right to feel uncomfortable. Please add the female to the Gallyry, too. B)

I consider myself fortunate to have outstanding support from experts like you that without prior information may come to identify species with sexual dimorphism as pronounced as in this case.
And once known for its identification, identity as a female of that species, I also clarifies the curiosity that caused me, this insect commonly found in the company or at least in the vicinity, which from the outset you identified me as the male of Vanoyia tenuicornis.

Very grateful for your interest and help.