Thread subject: :: Vanoyia tenuicornis (female). Confirmed.

Posted by Maherjos on 21-05-2012 17:45

Paul Beuk wrote:
It is not leonina as that one should have longitudinal stripes on the mesonotum. The combination of major parts of the head blackish, absence of longitudinal stripes on the mesonotum and yellow abdominal margin without large yellow spotst at the base and the tip of the abdomen lead me to believe it is not one of the species given in Rozkosny's European revision and possibly one of the species described later.

In my ignorance and lack of taxonomic knowledge, for the simple comparison of this image that already exists in the gallery identified as O. lion, I totally agree on the differences you point. Additionally, the color of the legs, not match.

For his drawings and well defined spots of white, I think this fly should be very characteristic. In the Gallery, I have not found. He knows if he can be described outside Europe.?

To try to help identification, upload two photos, which I believe are of the same species but of different individuals also photographed the same day in the wetland.

Best regards.

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