Thread subject: :: Lamprolonchaea smaragdi. Confirmed.

Posted by Maherjos on 31-10-2011 21:01

conopid wrote:
Please do submit this to the gallery. There are no Lamprolonchaea images in the gallery!

You can see an image of Lamprolonchaea here:

Yes, I think gender is Lamprolonchaea. But I will try, if possible to determine the species, which would be perfect.
I found this entry in the D.I. Forums:
U it says on the link provided by conopid: http://lonchaeida...a/smaragdi
I will also process a photo more than they did, for if I could help further progress in the identification.
If within a reasonable time is not possible to determine the species, the DI would go to the Gallery as a genre.

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