Thread subject: :: Hairy Greek > Pycnopogon mixtus

Posted by nick upton on 07-06-2011 12:50

Can anyone suggest an ID for this very hairy asilid? Maybe a Laphria sp??

29.5.11 c10mm Hunting behind a beach, Lesbos, Greece.

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Posted by Quaedfliegh on 07-06-2011 13:28

Doesn't seem Laphria rather something Pogonish...:) Eriopogon???

Posted by Sara21392 on 07-06-2011 13:39

Wow, fantastic species..!!!!! :D

Posted by nick upton on 07-06-2011 13:45

Thanks Reinoud. Could be! That seems to be the other really hairy genus, but I can only find pics of Eriopogon laniger and I don't think it's that. Anyone know of any other possibilities? Would be njce to put a name to this hairy beast!

Thanks Sara - it is a bit special and I hadn't seen a robber fly like this one before..

Posted by Eric Fisher on 07-06-2011 18:09

Pycnopogon mixtus (Loew).

Very nice Nick!

Regards, Eric.

Posted by nick upton on 07-06-2011 18:24

Many thanks Eric. It's great to get a species ID on this nice fly. I can't find ANY pics of it on the net, but have found its distribution listed as: Iran, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan,
Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Egypt on this link Lesbos is an interesting island (for many kinds of wildlife) as it gets a mix of European and Asian species. I have one other asilid to post, which looks more "typical", but who knows what it may turn out to be! I'll get this Pycnopogon in the gallery in due course.