Thread subject: :: Pitfall list

Posted by Robert Nash on 18-10-2006 10:28

Hi Andr? Perhaps it is best to, initally at least, learn as we go along, gathering the common errors (which we all make) together later. One interesting thing is that experienced dipterists tend to see what they expect - see The Levan Principle in the Lounge. Beginners tend to look more carefully at every fly. For this reason they very often find rare or new flies. Beginners luck:p. I try to put helpful (I hope) comments in where I can- see http://www.dipter...ad_id=3842
This is useful for me too since For many years I have worked mainly on Hymenoptera though I began with Diptera. I am therefore revisiting my own early (and very many) mistakes.
Slainte (Cheers) Robert