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Posted by Andre Jas on 18-10-2006 09:52


I read LordV's thread http://www.dipter...ad_id=3853 with images of a Simuliidae sp. And someone else held it for a Hybotidae sp. As I did aswell:o untill I looked at the antennae.
So I was thinking: would it be an idea to make (e.g. in a sticky thread or otherwise) a list (could be just text or even better maybe images) that sums up all the common visual mistakes made by people who aren't experts?
When this would become a reality it could look like this:
Hybotidae sp (image) - Simuliidae sp (image)
So if someone thinks: "Ah it's Hibotidae" and looks it up in the list, he immediately will be confronted with the fact that the first thought isn't always the best.

If you make it sticky than it grows (hopefully) by itself, and when we have enough to make it really interesting , it might be converted into a separate article or menuchoice.
I didn't think too much about pro's and cons, because I think some other people should give their opinions first. I hope you catch my drift?
Would it work?:)



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