Thread subject: :: Non english names conventions

Posted by zcuc on 20-04-2011 12:49

The nomenclature rules could be very confusing. As Igor had written I can see many recent catalogs that translate ä to 'ae' as in Herrich-Schaeffer(Herrich-Schäffer) and Gerstaecker(Gerstäcker) but keep other diacritic marks such Stål. The problem is even worse when the origin on the name is impotent since ü in Turkish is a distinct glyph but ü in German alphabet is just umlauted form of u and can be written as 'ue'. Not to mention other Turkish, Azeri etc... marks that I have no clue about their grammar rules.
My original question was to ask (lets put editorials rules a side for the moment) if you think that Recommendation 51B should be adopted in the way that diacritic marks should be omitted from authors names?
I think this way the name convention could be much simpler and unified for all languages?