Thread subject: :: Non english names conventions

Posted by Igor Grichanov on 20-04-2011 10:35

Regarding old names, there is a traditional spelling fixed usually in the recent catalogs. E.g., FallÚn is almost always written as FallÚn, while Gerstńcker is often (or even more often) written as Gerstaecker.

Modern authors usually save diacritics in their names. Some Turkish and Slavic authors are unlucky, publishing their papers abroad, despite the use of Latin alphabet. Some American and other journals have just no letters with rare diacritics in their computers.

There are some problems with Russian authors who write predominantly or exclusively in Russian, but do like either German or French spelling of their names in species description. Therefore, the name of the same scientist in international reference lists looks often quite different from his name in species catalogs. I think an author of catalog may write something like A-us b-us Tsurik (as Zurik) or A-us b-us Shamshin (as Chamchin).