Thread subject: :: Non english names conventions

Posted by ChrisR on 20-04-2011 09:10

Rules of nomenclature and the various editorial policies on submitted papers leave me a little baffled sometimes too. But in my opinion the ICZN seems clear that diacriticals are allowed for author's names so in the case of an author ( like "Herrich-Schäffer" ) who writes their name in the Latin alphabet with diacriticals then they should retain them ... but the editor of the journal that publishes the article might disagree - or might just make a mistake.

Far more difficult is when a name is transliterated from a non-Latin alphabet, like Cyrillic or Chinese, because this often leads to many different spellings of the same author's name - attributed to different (or the same) species. This can be a big headache for people making databases of species names, synonyms and authors because which spelling is valid and do the different spellings actually equate to the same person? Very tricky question and I don't think there are any easy answers :)

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